Soul Profile Reading + Quantum Healing Hypnosis Video Testimonial with Venus


Emmie giving the low down on how it went down.

"Charmaine is wonderful. She has an ability to make you feel comfortable even though you just met her! She is very knowledgeable, kind and I loved how she honored my own inner wisdom. I did Quantum Healing Hypnosis session [with] her and was amazed at how relaxing and natural it felt even though it was my first time trying it and wasn't sure what to expect. The information that I discovered is just what I needed to hear at the right time. I recommend trying out a session with Charmaine!


"A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to receive a QHHT healing session with Charmaine. I was not really sure what to expect during this session, but it brought so many layers [of] illumination and clarity into my life. With Charmaine's gentle guidance, we were able to access past lives, as well as interview what this modality calls the subconscious, which can also be recognized as the Higher Self/the Soul. This process catalyzed many deep remembrances and a purging some very ancient cords from past lives that were no longer serving me. I felt much lighter, and feel like since the experience, my spiritual gifts have been heightened, as well as my sense of clarity. It was also incredibly comforting and affirming to have a discussion with my subconscious. This part of myself that exists in infinite space, seemed to lovingly and humorously know the answers to all of my questions. It felt like there was a great weight lifted off of my heart, and it was so nourishing to remember that everything I need is inside of me. Charmaine made me so comfortable and I deeply enjoyed every part of the process. She made me feel like family, comfortable and open enough to open to some vulnerable places that needed my attention. I am so grateful for the experience and the synchronicity and magic that has been flowing into my life since. If you are ready to open to deeper places inside of you, grow in your understanding of yourself, and get the answers you’ve been needing to hear, I highly recommend this deep experience with this soulful and sweet woman! I love you sister!"


“I can’t imagine myself doing my first hypnosis session with anyone else other than Charmaine. She made me feel so safe and supported. Explained everything before hand. Helped me to eliminate any anxiety and held my hand virtually throughout the whole experience. The experience overall helped me to strengthen my connection with my higher self and my understanding of the messages coming through for me. I highly recommend this to anyone that is looking to dive deeper into their many lives, memories, and receive an energetic healing in the process. It was such a beautiful experience for me. I know I still have much to process from it and messages I have yet to receive from it that will come down the line.

Thank you Charmaine for the beautiful experience and holding space for self-healing.”


"Charmaine is a very open minded person. She gave me some guidelines to prepare for the QHHT.
It’s my first time and really quite not sure what to expect yet Charmaine is very gentle and accommodating.
She makes you feel at ease and is not judgmental. You wont feel rush. She will guide you to be open to your upper self. QHHT is a very interesting, you just have to be open to anything without hesitation. I highly recommend this therapy , it will help you find your deeper self and be more sensitive to the voice of your inner self. And Charmaine is a true gifted person on this. Thank you much, Charmaine!"



“Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. If you ask me what that is, I’ll just simply tell you that it’s hypnosis. You know, where they dangle a necklace in front of you and you fall asleep. Or, how I was taught about it in the Philippines: it’s a way for the other person to make you fall in love with them. Both wrong. 

In QHHT, you don’t necessarily fall asleep and there’s no dangling necklace in front of you. And definitely nobody’s gonna make you fall in love with them through hypnosis, but it’s up to you if you end up loving the hypnotist right after the session. I know I did. 

Charmaine was very professional with her work. Before meeting with her, we talked about the session and forwarded me some useful informations from her website. She also gave me some tips for a successful session, some  questions ideas to ask my Higher Self. 

When I met her for my session, she met me at her very welcoming living room, or her meeting space. The energy in that room was very calming. I was a bit nervous but the space she provided kept me comfortable. In that meeting space, we went over my life story, pretty much asked the reason for me wanting to do the QHHT. Also, we went over my questions. There were questions I had on my list that were probably “stupid”,  but Charmaine will tell you that no question is stupid or wrong. After we went over those important things. We headed over to THE room. It’s where the magic happened. In that room, there was a big, comfortable lounge chair, kinda resembles a hammock. It’s THE chair, or I call it “the cloud”. 

Before you get the session started, Charmaine makes sure that you’re comfortable. She offered me blanket. I wasn’t cold, but the blanket felt like it’s something that my body asked for. It just made me more comfortable and relaxed. She asked for my consent for the session to be (audio) recorded, and I gladly obliged. Which by the way, she sent to me via email afterwards. 

There will be two parts of the session. One is Past Life Regression and the other is The Subconscious. Past Life Regression is guiding you to a past life that is relevant to the person’s life. The Subconscious is where you get to ask your Higher Self or Soul for some questions. 

I can describe the experience as watching a movie, or seeing your dreams (and actually remembering it). Speaking of movie, there is a movie called Get Out, where some guy got hypnotized and it looked like he got swallowed by an empty black hole. QHHT isn’t like that. At all. It’s not a scary experience. Again, it’s like watching a movie at a movie theatre. As simple as that. 

Now, the session. We’re gonna refer to it as “the movie”. Again, there wasn’t any necklace involved. All she asked me to do was close my eyes and relax. Once my relaxation was established. She then began her “magic spell”, her hypnosis chant. And then my movie started. During the session, I was fully aware of what was happening with me. My body felt light, my mind was focused on my movie, I could hear Charmaine and I could talk and explain things that I see in my movie. Now, in this session, it’s important to be able to describe what you see as thorough as possible. If you’re like me who is not good with describing things using words, just try your best. The more details you share with Charmaine, the better picture she see. Just imagine explaining a movie you’re watching with someone that’s blind. 

Past Life Regression — Wow, where do I begin? 
In my movie, I was in the different era. I saw myself, but it was not my current self. I saw a lot of different scenarios. Some parts, I was shocked. Some parts, I was scared. Some parts, I was crying. And there was even a time where I got punched in my movie. But, do not fear, your current body wont feel a thing. It was weird because in my movie, I felt the punch. But my current body did not feel a thing. For lack of a better term, it was definitely mind blowing. It was  a roller coaster of emotions. 

The Subconscious — Remember the list of questions? This is the part where you get to ask them. Well, Charmaine will ask (for you). Then you will answer (for your Higher Self). 

In The Subconscious portion, it’s no longer a movie. It is more like a director’s cut added at the end of the credits. The director, your Higher Self gets to answers your questions. Now, if you’re not convince that QHHT work. Let me ask you this: when you’re talking and you know you’re not talking then who is talking? Let that sink in. Okay...let me explain. 

Remember in the movie, YOU, the actor were the one talking, describing movie scenarios to Charmaine. This time, your Higher Self, the Director will be the one talking. As confusing as it sounds, it’s easy to differentiate the two once you’re in the session. I knew it was my Higher Self talking because of a lot of reasons. It knew the answer to my questions. It knew secrets I have that nobody else knew. And, it wasn’t talking exactly the way I talk. It was using smarter choice of words, it sounded more proper than me, I should say. 

The Subconscious was my favorite part of the session. This is the part where it made me feel so weird after the session. Weird is good, by the way. I've been searching for some answers about my life, and my Higher Self gave me the answers I’ve been looking for. One questions I had asked my Higher Self was if I ever been to heaven. It knew exactly the answer, the place that was mentioned was a place that I had been before. A place where I’ve been with my husband. But nobody knew about the sentiment I had for this mentioned place, even my husband. But my Higher Self knew. Another question I had was my purpose in life. The answer brought me to tears on my way home. Because, my said purpose was something I thought that I don’t know how to do. Something that I had feared for almost all my life. 

As you can see, The Subconscious part of the session can lead you to a lot of emotions, but more importantly, it can lead you to healing. The questions that you ask really matters. You can even ask some questions about your physical self and your Higher Self can tell you what needs to be done. In my case, I was advised to go for a run. 

After all your answered questions were done, we then say goodbye (and don’t forget your thank you's) to the Higher Self. Charmaine will then bring you back to the current state. You know, the closing chant, her reminding you the date and time, you wiggling your feet (she didn’t tell me that, but I did anyway) and last but not least, I opened my eyes like I was Sleeping Beauty, nice and slow. She then asked me, “How was it?” I was speechless. I think the first thing I said was “weird”. It was definitely a different experience, you know. Not everyday that you get to meet your past self who purposely burned down a house with her mother inside, or you get to ask your Higher Self the way to genuine happiness and answered you to go on top of a mountain alone. I mean how do you explain all the emotions you feel. All that I know is one thing — I healed. I found answers I’ve been meaning to know for practically my whole life. I learned a lot of things from my QHHT experience. 

Healing was my main intention for doing the session. But QHHT is not a magic pill where all your problems would just magically disappear after. Nope, not like that at all. After my session with Charmaine, I did my work. My Higher Self told me to do few stuff in order for me to heal, and I did just that. I would check in with Charmaine and shared her what I did regarding a particular issue or “task” from my Higher Self that I had completed. She didn’t ask for me to check in with her, but I did anyway. 

Of all the issues I had shared with my Higher Self, there were things I must do in order to completely heal. I did some of them, some I’ve been working on, some I haven’t done just yet. Most of them doesn’t just happen overnight, you know. You have to wait for the perfect timing, see what feels right and not force anything to happen just to say that you “accomplished a task”.

After the experience, along with doing the work, I felt that my life changed for the better. I feel like I’m currently in a good relationship with my Higher Self. I currently feel happier, more confident, and fearless. The way you will perceive your life after may not be the same exact as mine, because it’s your own unique life. The emotions I feel now were based on my own QHHT and the work I did. Yours may be completely different depending on what kind of healing you want. 

Do I recommend QHHT? Yes, absolutely! But, only do it if you’re willing to do the work. There are a lot of emotions involved, and doing things necessary that will lead to healing is very important.”



“The experience was like having you hold up a mirror and asking if I recognized my own reflection in it. It was an opportunity to hear a different perspective on who I am, what I've done, what I'm doing. Since the reading, I've found myself checking in with my intuition more -- being more conscious about engaging in a back and forth dialogue with the world ❤️”


“I think of the time that you did my reading, I wasn’t in such a good headspace. I was merely existing. When we met up, had a reiki session and when you gave me a reading, a lot of things started to make sense. I went through almost a year long cycle of depression from October 2016 to October 2017. I’d like to think that this cycle was actually the life transformation I needed. Things actually changed during the course of this year; and short, I experienced growth, cut ties with people that no longer serve me/vice versa and learned how to take action versus reacting. I don’t know if you realize, the energy and gift that you possess. Despite how painful this past year has been, I think back to our talks and I can’t help but smile knowing how much positivity you sprinkled into my life.”


“How can I put it in words 🤔 LIFE CHANGING FOR SURE!! When you did my reading it was a time in my life I felt completely broken. Wasn’t sure what to do with myself, my path or purpose. I was depressed and feeling a bit hopeless. Your reading gave me hope. It revealed parts of myself that I had no clue existed. It gave me the strength to fight through my sadness and discover my authentic being. You helped heal me and for that I’ll be forever grateful. The way we met was divine intervention and that’s how I know you are blessed with a gift that is to be shared. You are a healer, a true lightworker. Always believe in your gift because it’s very pure and true!!”


"Things have been moving fast. I'm actually leaving for Scotland on Friday and I feel emotional about it, not knowing what I'll discover but feel that THAT part of the world was relevant to one of my lives... There's been a lot of movement in previously blocked areas in my life concerning the past in this lifetime and I've reconnected with other people from those dark times in a positive way, under my own terms and surprisingly, found that it's been liberating for both me and the other people I've managed to reach out to…

I know it's had something to do with the intentional clearing and everything you've guided me with...  I just feel that with every clearing session, two things happen: 1, such positivity happens that a lot of negativity is released and cleansed that a lot of good things come in (hence a lot of movement and flow) that it makes me so busy. 2, the increased awesomeness kinda panics whatever has threat tentacles on my life but because I'm aware of it, it doesn't have that much impact on things. It does mess up things sometimes…

But it's really potent. It's like all these things were just waiting there and because of blockage removed, it just keeps flowing.

Just the small amount of meditation I was able to do served as something to unblock a little and everything that rushed through served to finish the job of removing more and more blockages by itself. “


“Ahh where do I start? My first soul alignment reading was in 2016, right before my big move.

2016 was full of transitions for me and little did I know 2017 would be even heavier. I had never heard of Akashic records until you had explained them to me.

Once I knew you were offering these services, I knew they were meant for me.

Like anything new, I was a little iffy as to where this would lead or what it'd do for me but nonetheless I was open.

I was nearly in disbelief when you mentioned a couple blocks I had (that I had never shared with you) along with my most recent past life. I knew this was all so very real. I couldn't explain it, but was in tears because I felt how everything resonated...as if I was remembering these memories for the first time.

I did my homework that was recommended for me and my life began to shift again rapidly. There was an incident where my shadow self came out to play, and I instantly had clarity by remembering who I was in my last life. I knew it was time to break that pattern, that was my chance to end this karmic cycle.

Since then, almost a year later, I asked for another realignment. This time around, I feel a lot more firm in my strength but knew I needed some more clarity with the chaos that has been occurring. Yet again, you confirmed what I had been feeling and are assisting me as I find my way back to Self.

This is only a summary of how you've helped and continue to help me, I can go on and on. I LOVE YOU!!”